Sunday, 27 March 2011


the exam can be seen as embarrassing because it includes hernia check, genitals inspection, palpation of testicles, and a visual inspection of the anus while bending over and spreading the cheeks

Whole groups of young men were paraded naked or in just underpants in corridors waiting for their medicals in front of clerical women sitting in their office who could see the boys waiting
Physicals which were performed mostly in group and without any privacy nor respect of our modesty since we were naked for a long time

Some might have suspected the nude sections were to root out those who were turned-on by the sight of other nude males and visibly reacted to such, without being an overt "test" of sexual orientation. The nudity was not just short term, but for the duration of the exam process.

The athletes of the school were given more thorough physicals than the students who were not athletes.
I was an athlete and our physicals took place in the locker room. Each student was examined without privacy while the other students were there. The students could watch the other student's physical from a distance or not. We were all naked while we were waiting for our physicals.

you can leave your underwear on – for now!!!!!


  1. It looks like they have a lot of nudity in the army and sports teams

    1. Hi Cenk, for more please visit my blog

  2. When I had my physicaldraft, I stayed totally naked for 3 hours.

  3. I've lined up a number of times naked for a check up at school - the bend over and cough routine. I think they used to insist on it because it helps to keep order. I lined up at the sports reaearch unit of a university hospital with some other guys for a routine testicular fixation. We were knocked out by gas one by one for the procedure.

  4. Why are all pics Russian or Chinese? There are no nude medical exams in the US?