Monday, 9 May 2011


In order to make it onto the College team a boy had to have impressive times and pass the physical.
Right up until very recent times College Swim Physicals' were based on military draft physicals.
These examinations where designed to examine hundreds, if not thousands of draftees, in a short space of time. Not a few dozen teenage students. Originally they were also used to intimidate and create obedient soldiers.

“The young men must do some squads while naked and also walk in the room for the checking of their gait.”


  1. I give these boys a lot of credit for showing us their naked bodies. obviously they have no shame or modesty knowing they are being photographed and that millions of people can see their most private parts. they obey orders when they are told to strip to their undershorts or to be totally naked. their bare asses are handsome and I would have no objection to putting my face between their cheeks and into their crack.