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Huge double standards existed relating to the privacy of Boys Vs Girls. For example,
how come the girls swim suits didn't effect the pools filtration systems, the reason often given for boys being required to swim naked.
Why can a female reporter often march straight into the boys locker room to interview the naked young athletes, whilst a male reporter (or any male) would be hung, drawn and quartered for even looking in the direction of the ladies locker.
Why did Mary have warm comfy pajamas while Johnny was expected to sleep in the buff.

This actually happened in colleges and the YMCA where boys and girls were kept separate. But, there were a very few schools that had mixed swimming teams where the girls wore suits and the boys did not.
      What I find interesting are those photos than include clothed female spectators. As I have posted previously here, my personal experience was females disregarding male privacy and girls spying on boys. Whereas these photos depict females doing neither, but rather being allowed or invited to watch. SAM
    It's just crazy, girls have all the privacy they want/need in a locker room & boys have one open space, sometimes in a circle!! I truly wonder if the people who design these like this for boys, are clearly gay!

    male/female double standards relating to privacy

    Times when the following girls class would arrive early,or the boys would finish late,and we had the horror of getting out the pool to our towels with girls lined up near the edge.I always felt you looked a fool if you put your hand over your penis so tried to brazen it out.And there they were nicely covered in a costume!That bugged a lot of us big time. BritGuy UK
    Boys could be stripped,poked about,looked at etc as if we had no care about it. But girls,well it was a world of difference. No naked swimming,nice swimwear of their choice,voluntary showering,and nice gym kits too. They could have trainers in the gym,boys were compulsory bare feet,and bare chested. The boys were the "meat" to be checked over. In jr. college we had to swim nude and often had female supervisors who remained clothed.
    when at university the male swimming program was mandatory nude and often a substitute instructor would be a female student from the PE school. We did accept that but I do recall our girlfriends were not too pleased about it taking place.
    Quite stark double standards existed in our home in the 1960's. The boys had a washroom, installed by Dad whose plumbing wasn't up to much. The water pressure was inadequate for the warm water to work so we boys showered and shaved with cold water. The girls where treated like princesses, something I was quite bitter about for decades.
    I agree there was no expectation of privacy when I was a lad. I remember a friend of my stepmother's blatantly checking out my naked body and commenting that I was 'quite a specimen'.
    Boys and men's modesty wasn't an issue in those days, unless there were females present who were offended by such nudity
    I attended Lehigh University in the early 60's. It was a male only institution back then but had many female staff, including cleaners. The locker room was one floor below the pool, which meant boys had to walk naked upstairs to reach the pool. Towels weren't handed out until after swimming. Often the young, and no so young, cleaning ladies would be on those stairs. I recall being checked out by them as an 18 year old freshman.
    There were quite a few women and girls there – families and friends always came out to support and quite a few of the townspeople as well. My Mom, my sisters, aunts,
    cousins and female family friends were usually in attendance. When I had a girlfriend in my last year of high school - she was always there as well.
    "a number of the girls lived in my street and got to see me in that naked crawl out the pool"
    Fire drill was another great example. If a fire bell went while change rooms were being used, girls could get dressed, albeit rapidly. Boys had to leave immediately even in underwear. If the showers were in use they could grab a towel. One day I remember a bunch of about 15 to 20 boys just wrapped in towels around the waist, on an all weather pitch, shivering for about 45 minutes after a fire bell went, with the whole school out. When we realised the school was not burning down, again, the groups of classes got restless waiting about, and a couple of the girls began teasing by trying to pull the towels away for humiliation. That was laughed at. But if one of those boys had been pulling at a girls towel he would have had the book thrown at him with a detention I've no doubt.
    “Female sports reporters have access to male locker rooms for post game interviews to obtain "stories" from the athletes but males have limited access to female locker rooms. At some universties even girls from campus papers are allowed into these rooms but not vice-versa.”
      We had to swim naked at home collegiate meets. In those days the suits really did slow you down so our ex-military coach insisted we go without, despite the other teams being suited and the large turnout of spectators, Including many girls, friends & family. Our practice sessions where also 'open'. Certain lecturers, both male and female, would regularly grace us with their presence because they had something 'urgent' to discuss with coach.
    When I was a student, girls and women were able to attend meets at and open practices where coaches and swimmers were nude. As a coach in the 70s, women and girls were able to attend the open practices where I was nude as well as the swim team. I, for one, was certainly never embarrassed, nor do I recall anyone being so.
    I agree there was no expectation of privacy when I was a lad. I remember a friend of my stepmother's blatantly checking out my naked body and commenting that I was 'quite a specimen'.
     "We were given vests when participating in a display for friends and relatives, it was the only time we wore shirts, but we were still barefoot."
    Our indoor kit is compulsory bare chested for boys, the girls have gym shoes but every boy is in his bare feet. So compared to girls, the boys are very skimpy in our shorts only, and the girls in tops, shorts and footwear. Why?”
    “Many accounts are given of men and boys given little privacy and belittled if they complained.”
      "Lets not forget the decision of school authorities to have doorless and or stall-less toilets in the boys bathrooms. Girls always had locking doors!"
      College boards who mandated nude swimming for boys were mostly run by women.
      The history of male athletes being completely nude in front of women goes back thousands of years to ancient Greece and the Olympics when all Olympian athletes competed nude. Fortunately for many women, although such practices have died out, team initiation rituals are alive all over the planet. This we shall examine in posts regarding HAZING!
      "The girls even have an optional cubicle shower that only some take, whereas the boys have one open shower area that it is compulsory."
      If you want to be on my schools athletics, swimming or football teams then you have to undergo a physical exam involving full nudity. But what got my pulse racing was that they even drug test youths that do competitive inter school swimming and athletics. I swim competitively and only realised when called to give a random urine sample after I reached a final in my personal discipline of the 50m dash. Still wet, I was ushered to a side room, and asked to provide a minimum of 50ml of urine immediately. So be it, but the method was degrading. I had to remove my swim trunks, and stand naked, urinate into a cylinder, while the official actually watched the urine leave my body via my penis and enter the cylinder, to prove 100% that the sample was not tampered with and was mine. 3 other boys got done like that. But the girls got tested with a blood sample from the arm, avoiding such humiliation.
      Many former college swimmers spoke of being nude for physicals in groups of 40+ and state there are often many non medical females in positions to observe.


  1. Sounds pretty much as I remember it. I swam on both the YMCA team and my high school one and we always swam nude. The only time we might wear suits was at HS away meets depending on the school.

    We never thought anything about it. In fact we enjoyed showing off for the girls.

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  3. Well a lot of these photos are from the porn site called clothed female nude male. So this is more of a fanticy. But we did have the mentality that girls should not swim nude for some strange reason. The nude boys swimming in junior high school all the way to college was only done in an all male kind of gym class. NO girls were ever allowed in the boys nude classes 99.9% of the time. There may have been a few places where girls were allowed in such as mothers and family. So we always had the privacy of it being all male, even if it was totally nude at our public schools and YMCA's where I grew up.

  4. We walked in nude one day - from the change rooms - to be shocked by a group of school mom volunteers who had been invited into the pool area by the female coach. We recognised friends' moms...who, I am sorry to say, seemed to take a keen interest in the bodies of the boys they knew as their sons' buddies. We didn't have towels so even when we were standing around between swims we were completely on view. In fact our coach had us more or less standing in a row facing the seated women. A few of the boys suffered erections, some when they were standing on the blocks about to take a dive. I will never forget the squint-eyed interest they were all taking in us.

    The training session lasted a whole 40 minutes and the mature-aged ladies relished every minute while we were traumatised. It got worse in the following days when it emerged they had been profligate in talking about what they had seen to other moms - including our own - and to daughters. Our sisters were soon teasing us, especially abut the embarrassing erections.

  5. One version of Greek Olympic history claims that the speed advantage of nudity was discovered by accident when a runner lost his "uniform" during a race and won! Others then copied the idea. That doesn't gully explain how it spread to all sports, even javelin casting. That account continues that even the spectators were all male by law. A mother who wished to witness her son's wrestling competition became his trainer, but was discovered when she cheered his victory. She won escape from the penalties of the law on the plea of motherly love. Thereafter, trainers and officials were required to be nude.
    Is this true if it can be found on the Internet?

  6. There is a thumbnail vintage picture, which I'm unable to locate a bigger size, showing several nude male swimmers posting with a woman covered with a bathing suit. It's located in this thread: (post #30, 2nd picture from left, with this jpg nbr - 2162414639_55e472f4d0_o.jpg) It would be real nice of the author of this blogsite could post a bigger picture of it here in this nice site.

  7. In the 1970s I did swim from Monday to Friday at the U,of Wisconsin student's pool,Nudity was mandatory when swimming,an it was also obligatory to take showers and soap up before and affter the swimming.When showering I noticed al students were circumcise---I am not since I am a Latin American.May guys took glances at me strangely and and more so when I etracted foreskin for due washing of glans:They had never seen an uncut penis, they confessed and asked how it "worked",They were rather astonished, though there was nothing gay about it.There wee absolutely NO woman present!

  8. This blog tells about nudity practice in US pools in the 1960s, 1970s.Why,then are most of nnaked boys shown uncircumcided? Most if not all nude males in tose circumstances and years were cut.I witnessed those times,and being from Latin America, i am uncut as all males are in these countries, What is a crediblle answer to my question?

    1. Photos are for illustration purposes only!! Photographs of European men are used simply because they are photogenic and available. This may be due to cultural differences or the absence of an obesity epedimic in Europe! I hope this is a credible answer, thanks for reading, Cal.

  9. I learned to swim at the YMCA in Ohio at age 10 in 1953. All classes - and all instructors, were nude. This remained the practice until the Y went co-ed in the late 1970s. The same held true for most YMCAs (and most men's clubs) until the late 70s and early 1980s.
    Many men's clubs had nude swimming until they were forced to go co-ed by court order - some of them did not to co-ed until the late 90s.