Monday, 13 June 2011

Why were boys 'required' to swim naked 2?

 Nude practice every morning - no suits allowed. Even when I was an 18 year old senior, nude was the rule.

During the 40's, 50's, 60's & 70's young males had to grin and bear it! Many were regularly given physicals in large groups with non-medical females, such as clerks, observing their nude forms. In many instances they were lined up poolside naked in front of females who observed competitions from the bleachers.
Such exposure to females was not just occasional, illicit or accidental but was orchestrated as these spectators were encouraged and INVITED to attend swim meets and cheer on their team!

And at one time, it was assumed that men or boys who were afraid of being seen nude had psychological problems for which counseling was recommended.

The College had a observation deck around the pool where any family members could sit and watch- including mothers and sisters.
I swam on the swim team for four years, and never, not once, did I wear a suit.

One of the posters on the Topix thread says he refused to swim on the team because they practiced nude and did not close the practices to spectators
April 7th, 2010, 05:09 AM
I saw a couple of pictures once from the 1940s or 50s or whatever of male and female swim team members posing for their team portraits. The guys were nude and the girls weren't. That puzzled me because I had thought the girls weren't allowed around the boys when they were nude.

Nude swimming was generally "justified" on the basis of fibers clogging up the pool filters. Of course, if the girls got to wear suits, how did this make sense having the boys nude?

Ex Pool Manager chiming in...

Just to confirm, swimming naked was not because the filters couldn't handle the lint. The majority of clogging mass in filters is hair - a vast majority. And it is more likely to be head and body hair from men than head hair from women. So, if anything, they were adding more hair to the mix by swimming naked.

Swimming was a summer term activity. We only got to wear trunks when competing with other schools.

"As a coach my swimmers never wore suits, either in practce or competition, those guys were athletes who enjoyed showing off their well toned bodies."

“My generation we had to swim nude at the YMCA, at jr. college etc. and it was accepted as norm even when there were female supervisors. It was assumed by females that males did not have modesty issues and guys began to say- heck we don't! The presumption by moms and other females that males should be xposed to females but not vice verse.”

    Evidently, in the 50's, 60's, and 70's, boys in America were forced to swim nude in swim class, on swim teams, and at the YMCA. This was to "prevent bathing suits from clogging the drain", though girls got to wear bathing suits. Also, it prevented boys from having to be responsible for soggy suits, though girls were readily entrusted with such a arduous task.

    Perhaps there were women on the school boards, or dominating their husbands on the school boards, who, like you, thought it would be funny to make the boys strip naked for swim class. It makes more sense than the pool filters business.


  1. It seems wierd that swim suits are required these days for swim classes and swim teams when boys swim teams have traditionally swam naked.

  2. In the 1950's in NY we DID swim naked at the YMCA. always.
    thought nothing of it. I miss those times.

  3. I see it was in reality indeed

  4. I can recall being a male nudist years ago at the YMCA in Seattle Washington and going to there camp too in my younger days... Never knew anything about the history, before I read this posting....I glad my parents where 100% behind me. In my YMCA days...and the world of nudity too.... Thanks a million..... P.S. Today : I am still a senior male nudist along with my family.....

  5. This truly is strange, and I've seen so much online now that I know it must have been true. Definitely not my generation thankfully. I feel sorry for everyone who minded having to do this or avoided the swim team altogether for this

  6. Nudism is AWESOME!