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Hazing From Wikipedia,

Hazing is a term used to describe various ritual and other activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group.

Hazing" refers to any activity expected of someone joining a group (or to maintain full status in a group) that humiliates, degrades or risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of the person's willingness to participate.


The hazee may have to wear an imposed piece of clothing, outfit, item or something else worn by the victim in a way that would bring negative attention to the wearer. Examples include a uniform (e.g. toga, especially in Greek societies); a leash and/or collar (also associated with SM bondage); infantile and other humiliating dress and attire (e.g., diapers, underwear (sometimes of the opposite sex; sometimes wet to make it see-through) or a condom on the head); cross-dress or fake breasts; wearing just a box or a barrel; bunny costume; a phallus or dildo, even in explicitly homo-erotic poses. In some cases, the hazee may be completely or partially in a state of nudity (with or without cupping of the genitals). A variation in use in Germany is the "clothesline", i.e., contributing garments (usually remaining decent, e.g., in swim suit) to form a long line. In Sweden, gymnasium (high school, 16 to 19 years old) and university also use the clothes line. Girls strip to their thong, but may keep their bra on if they wish; boys are always expected to finish up naked, thus being jeered at and humiliated by the crowd. Holding lowered trousers, shorts and/or underwear up "revealingly"
Other physical feats may be required, such as calisthenics and other physical tests, such as push-ups (sometimes a hazer keeps his/her foot on the pledges' back), jumping jacks (under near impossible conditions), sit-ups, mud wrestling, forming a human pyramid or dog piling, climbing a greased pole, skinny diving, leap-frog, human wheel-barrow etc., often with some twist. Exposure to the elements may be required, such as swimming or diving in cold water or snow. Degrading positions and tasks include being locked up in a cage or barrel, commanded to move on all fours or crawl on their bellies, eat or fetch "doggy style", kiss or urinate in public.

A pledge auction is a variation on the slave auction, where people bid on the paraded (often exposed) pledges. It is held either as an open fund raiser where the general public (or just an invited sorority) can bid, or internally to decide which brother can impose his fantasies on which pledge. Sometimes, male pledges' prices depend on how little clothing the boy is allowed to wear. The "slaves" must do whatever the master orders.

Imagine yourself... a Pledge... on hell night... stripped buck naked in front of all your fraternity brothers. You are told to bend over and assume the position. You know what's coming... a long night head...  were your only response will be...

"Thank you SIR! May I have another!"

Submission to the seniors is common. Abject "etiquette" required of pledges or subordinates may include prostration, kneeling, literal groveling, kissing/licking/washing/worshipping/massaging/rubbing/sucking/ body parts usually genitalia.

Report: Some boys fought off sexual hazing

LAS VEGAS, N. M. (KRQE) - Some Robertson football players were able to fight off sexual assaults at a preseason training camp where other boys were sodomized by older players, according to a newly released New Mexico State Police report.

Sorority Girl Reflects on Her Experiences
    Story by Anonymous Contributor

    I used to be very skeptical of the fraternity initiation stories I read in which women were present as my fraternity buddies often told me nothing of this ilk ever happened with their specific fraternity. But, as I've learned, some did it routinely. My beliefs were changed by a young girl I met recently who attended a college up north. The story she told me was incredible, not because it is so different than the others, but she was very sincere and credible with no reason to lie or alter the story. I pressed her for details and we discussed the rituals at length, although I know she could discern more than a passing interest on my part.

    The fraternity was reportedly Lambda Chi, and anyone that is/was part of Lambda Chi is welcomed to comment (it happened only about 5 years ago). Lambda Chi has over 300 chapters, and as with any Greek organization, each chapter varies considerably in initiation practices; hence, this is not necessarily reflective of their standard practices. This particular chapter had an initiation process in which an entire sorority house was invited to watch, and the sorority was different each year. It was held in a large room and the lights were out, only lit by many candles. In the specific ceremony she was witnessing, the girls were far enough into the shadows such that they could not be readily seen. She indicated that her entire sorority was present at the initiation, which was 60 girls, and the girls had to keep absolutely quiet. Further, she indicated the ritual was at 6:00 a.m. with the pledges having had very little sleep.

    The male pledges (about 15) were told to strip completely naked then were led out in single file with their right hands on the shoulder of the pledge in front of them. Without knowing the girls were present, they were then told to turn facing away from the audience. The ceremony proceeded with each pledge being asked a barrage of questions that she said were extremely private and often humiliating to the pledge. According to her, many of the fraternity brothers and sorority sisters took great delight not only in the humiliation of these young men by these questions, but more importantly having them humiliated while standing completely naked in front of a room full of girls without their knowledge.

    She didn't want to go into the nature of the questions, but only that they dealt with masturbation habits of the pledges, admission about the size of the erect penises and the like. She said one of the pledges indicated he had slept with one of the girls in the sorority, which she later told us was an absolute lie. During the interrogation that sorority girl was pretty angry, but didn't say anything at that time.

    After each pledge answered the question, the girls watched the pledges bend over and have their naked butts spanked raw with a paddle. Then, the pledges were told to put their hands on top of their heads and shut their eyes and if they peeked they would be paddled again. They were then told to turn around. At that point they were facing the girls and and the prolonged silence made it clear the fraternity brothers wanted to give all these sisters a long opportunity to closely view the dicks of each pledge without his knowledge. I asked her what her thought were at that moment and she told me that it was wild. It really made obvious the variance in male genitalia as she compared each guy with the next. She said she found it surprising in that one of the guys that was short and had small features actually had the largest penis whereas one of the buff guys had a very tiny penis and scrotum. She confirmed that it was the favorite moment for all her sisters. Then, after they all had a good, long look the lights were all turned on and the pledges were told to open their eyes. She said the guys freaked out upon seeing the girls looking at them and laughing hysterically.

    At that point, the girl that had been lied about screamed at the pledge "You liar! No way would I EVER sleep with you you jerk!" She said the guy was completely humiliated, standing there naked with his hands on his head, d**k dangling having to answer to an entire sorority after he just made a total fool out of himself.

    I asked her if the reverse ever happened, whereby the girls were naked while the guys watched the initiation, and she replied absolutely not. The sororities were pretty proprietary about their initiations with no guys allowed.

    But she added that it seemed to be common for those fraternities that had a culture of stripping the pledges naked and humiliating them to have the sororities present to watch as it took it to a completely different level. She said she had heard about one fraternity that did the same kind of initiation; however the pledges had blindfolds on their heads and couldn't see. They were told to face the audience, which unbeknownst to them, included one of the sororities. They were then told to play with their cocks and get them erect and then jack off. After the guys had cum, they were told to pull the bags off their heads, no doubt freaking and running off as the girls laughed. However, she said she had never witnessed this.

Approximately 2 feet long and 3 1/2 inches wide and narrowing into a handle, a fraternity paddle is constructed of solid hardwood, is usually branded with Greek letters representing the fraternity, and may also contain the fraternity crest and/or a dedication. (Many non-standard paddles also exist, some ingeniously designed to intensify pain, and are vigorously marketed for questionable use.)
 Sorority Judging the Pledges
    Story by Michelle

    I just stumbled on to this site and realized you'd like a story I posted elsewhere. This actually happened at a major university in the south in the mid 1980s. There was a fraternity house that routinely performed a ritual the last night of Hell Week. Our entire sorority was usually invited to participate each year, and all sisters, including our new pledges, would required to attend.

    On the night of the ritual, we would be lead into the large den of the fraternity. There would be rows of chairs for us to sit in and watch the ceremony, with the front rows reserved for the girls. The new fraternity recruits, usually about 15 or so, would be lead into the large den of the frat house and instructed to stand in a row in front of us. The young guys would have towels wrapped around themselves. When the towels were removed we laughed hysterically seeing that they all wore athletic jock strops with the fraternity insignia over their crotches. Wearing nothing but the jock straps, they would be told to recite sayings of allegiance to the fraternity and would be asked various questions as to why they wanted to join. Upon satisfactory answers, they were instructed to collectively turn and face the fraternity insignia above the fireplace and recite the pledge to the fraternity. When they turned we would giggle at the awkward sight of their exposed butts facing. After their pledge to the fraternity and with their backs still facing us, they were ordered to take off the jock straps.

    The pledges were then ordered to turn around. They would usually be grasping their manhood hiding it from us. One of the frat brothers would be lecturing the recruits about loyalty to the fraternity and that they were always expected to be sincere in trust and honesty, and never "to hide anything" from their brothers or sisters. This was the segue for their next instruction, which was to stand at attention with both hands to their sides allowing everyone, including the sisters, to view their manhood. The eyes of my sisters were wide open with big smiles as the recruits stood completely naked with genitals dangling just a few feet in front of us. Many of the girls, especially the freshmen, had seen few cocks in their life. For us it gave us an opportunity to check out how guys' dicks varied, especially in the way of size.

    Then, the frat brother giving orders would say something like (if I remember correctly) "This fraternity holds a strong legacy, it takes balls to stay in this fraternity, big balls". Then he would go one by one down the line presenting each pledge to the sorority girls. The pledges were told to hold their penises against their stomachs and the frat brother would say something like "Sisters, this is Scott Jensen. Ladies, please look at Scott's balls and tell us if you think they're big enough for this fraternity".

    He was then instructed to hold his balls in the palm of his hand, presenting them to us for inspection. As we looked down at his balls we would say something like "yes, they are big enough", or simply give a thumbs up. Some of the girls were as embarrassed as the boys, but all were grinning widely or laughing.

    The last step was the ceremonial spanking ritual. The pledges, still naked, would be allowed to chose the girl to spank them. They would proceed to a chair in front of the fireplace, bend over with their hands on the chair and butts facing us. The girls would give five hard swats with a paddle, and if they weren't hard enough, they'd be instructed to do it again. Most girls started with a light tap, but the brothers kept her there until the swats made the respective pledge's butt crimson red.

    The recruits would stand in line facing us one last time and instructed to thank us for spanking them. Then they would be allowed to wrap the towel around themselves. This was a ritual that continued every year even after I had left, and would involve different sororities, all sworn to the Greek code of silence. If anyone knows if it is still occurring, please let me know as this would make for a great alumni event!




  1. As a fraternity pledge, active and later Faculty Advisor, I can say that these kind of haziings did and still happen in some colleges and universities. Nudity and exposure before men and women was very common.

    In my particular case, when we pledged there was a welcoming session, open first to the sister sorority and then to the entire campus.

    We were stripped and placed behind a curtain with holes cut in it to show our cocks and balls. We each had a number pinned to the curtain above us.

    All visitors, female and male, were encouraged to guess our identities by our genetalia. They were given the names of all of the pledges and then encouraged to touch, stroke, play with us, etc. and then write down the correct names to go with each number. Prizes were given to the winners.

    When all had finished, the winners were told to escort the pledges identified up to the front and introduce them to the audience. Eventually all were presented nude (and usually erect) to all.
    The party lasted all evening with the nude pledges being the center of various games and events.

    It was all in fun and no one got hurt - just a good time

  2. It is very strange to me that in the United states we do not have a culture that allows nudity as something natural and normal. Instead it is mostly illegal, and found in situations where people are forced into being nude to be embarassed in front of others as is the case with fraternities. If nudity were more commonly legal, as it is in most of Europe, then fraternities like this in the US would become obsolete. No one would join them. Instead, they could enjoy nudity wtihout being embarassed about it.

  3. The color photo of the naked boys about to jump off the barge is identified elsewhere as a celebration of a Dutch school rowing race: