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Double Standards
Huge Double Standards in relation to privacy have existed since WWII. War Time, Group Physical Exams saw thousands of young men paraded naked in drafty corridors and unscreened examination halls before female medics and others.

Long after the military ceased using procedures which seen draftees treated like cattle and given no privacy, schools and colleges, who adopted military techniques, were still affording boys zero privacy.
Dozens share their experiences of Group Physicals on various blogs and forums. They tell us of Sports physicals conducted with the boys being naked in large groups for prolonged periods, while girls are given robes and screens, deemed unnecessary for boys. I have read about young Female catering staff, not much older than the teenage boys queuing naked to be examined, entering the examination room to bring the Doctor and Nurse tea & biscuits. Also school secretarial staff and non-medical college staff given full access to naked young athletes. One Lady even spoke about being taken to work with her mother to 'get a look at the boys' who were being examined. Boys modesty was seen as unnecessary while girls must be protected. It was considered educational for girls to examine the naked male form and for boys not to keep secrets, while Ladies must stay covered and not be seen by hormonal male youths who simply can't control their urges. Many have shared their delight at being able to see athletic young men stripped naked for physicals.

“Unhappy with the lowly position they managed to achieve in their chosen profession many female medics seemed to enjoy humiliating these boys.”
“One has to consider why these women would volunteer for such a position. Maybe they enjoyed being in a position of power over young men who have to obey their orders to strip or spread their buttocks.”

“Student athletes have to strip naked in front of two women and have a full genital exam including pulling back their foreskins. If the doctor is so inclined or the teenager is reluctant, the female doctor will do it for him”

You make a very good point, Judy. Power, if unchecked, very frequently results in abuses. This not only applies to political, military, or other big issues, but also in the cases you mention, like the police, medical profession or schools, and other institutions.
I have recently seen a post on another forum where a woman says that she works in a juvenile detention center, in which she says that she and other female staff enjoy humiliating the teenage boys during strip searches, shower monitoring, and other forced nudity situations. This of course is part of their job, and although not strictly considered as abuse there is an element of power play in it.
In such institutions and situations privacy does not exist, and is probably not possible for obvious reasons. This also applies in medical checkup situations as mentioned on this forum, especially in group medicals, like draftees, schools and so on, where besides medical staff other people are involved to oversee and direct the group being examined.
As I said, this is not strictly a matter of abuse, because circumstances dictate so, but many such people working in such situations obviously enjoy the power trip.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012, 08:41: am
German medical exam
voy forum

boys had no privacy at all, having to disrobe in the hallway to our shorts, then leaving them at the doorway to the nurse's office and being naked until after the physicals when we could go back to the hallway and get dressed again in front of the other boys and whoever was standing there. Several nuns had access to the hallway and the office where the physicals were done as well as several "Class Mothers" who were there to keep us in line and watch a we stripped and later got dressed. Among others who had access were the ladies who worked in the principal's office who came through the hallway on errands at will and on one afternoon the local mail man who just walked through the hallway to the principal's office and back.
During all that time there were always most of the boys in their drawers but several at the entrance to the nurses office waiting to go in, or having just come out, who were completely naked in full view of everyone else.
But since the whole operation was done that way all the time it was just a matter of routine.
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In the home boys often had much less privacy than female siblings. In the past boys were believed to be in need of 'toughening up' while girls were soft gentle creatures. Male forum entrants speak off this toughening process, with boys sleeping in the buff as warm night clothes were only for girls. A frequent forum author described his home life during his teenage years as very different from that of his sisters'.
“ later years both my sisters apologized for the numerous beatings I'd received as a teenager because of them. Children can be cruel but my stepmother seemed to enjoy seeing Dad regularly belt me in the front lounge. She would often lie or exaggerate to get me the belt.
I could only shower after the girls had. This meant I'd regularly be having a cold shower. The girls would often see me naked in the shower or doing corner time after a spanking. If I locked the bathroom door I'd be accused of masturbating.
Come out of that shower and don't bother getting dressed!”
If my stepmother wanted me punished she'd tell dad I'd been masturbating. My sisters could do likewise, or accuse me of anything!
When I was about 16 I got my own shower and toilet in the garage. The shower geyser didn't work properly so the water was close to freezing. I had to put up with cold showers until I left at 18. I wasn't allowed use the main bathroom.
As a teenager one worries about penis size. I was no different, except I was uncircumcised. During annual sports physicals boys had to strip to underwear in the locker room and wait in the corridor. The corridor would be busy with many female staff and students coming to get a look. We then entered an office in small groups and removed our underwear before having our height, weight, blood pressure, eyesight etc checked, while completely naked. We then entered an inner office for the physical. This included a full genital exam including having a female Doctor retract my foreskin and examine my penis while a young nurse watched intently.
Boys who developed erections had to retreat naked back to the outer office to get their boxer shorts. This allowed all the female staff there a good look. One then had to make it back along the busy corridor in just ones briefs.
Thankfully swimming naked at meets had been done away with a few years before I started the team. But we still practiced without suits. It was a very badly kept secret that the girls could see us through a crack in their locker room door. The door that was supposed to be locked but often wasn't!”
In the home boys often had much less privacy and were subject too much more discipline than their female siblings.

"In the 1970's I remember hearing our church pastor preach about the evils of self abuse in teen boys and the need for us boys 'not be spared the rod,bare'. It was always only a matter of hours until I naked for the belt. It was always boys that were inherintley evil never girl."

This humiliating punishment was never applied to girls, so they could watch the boys punishments with pleasure and excitement.

Until the late 1970's, and mid 1980's in rare cases, nude swimming was compulsory for boys on many school and university swim teams.
Passing swimming competency tests were also mandatory in order to graduate from many leading Universities. The practice and test completed without suits for men. Ladies wore suits.
The most popular reason offered, as to why boys could not wear suits, by these YMCAs, Schools and Colleges was that the lint in the material of the swim suits clogged the old pool filtration systems. Not pubic hair or lint from ladies suits which contained much more material than mens trunks/briefs.


Today young men are no longer paraded naked at the poolside and their privacy is respected, by and large. However much of the 'parading' of boys in their birthday suits 'in the old days' was completely innocent and non-sexual.
Today that is not the case.
The advent of the 'cougar' (Mature ladies who prefer much younger men) has seen the emergence of 'Boyish Sex Appeal'. Gone are the former, traditional male sex symbols. The hairy chested mature macho men off the 70s and 80's have been replaced by smooth chests, boyish faces and off course the compulsory six pack abs.
At (UNNAMED) High School 'Meet The Team' in 2007 a journalist wrote of the 'strange yet pleasuring' experience off being greeted by 30 nearly naked young men. The female reporter referred to the 'very skimpy speedos' the boys wore. 'Strange' given that they were no near a pool and surrounded by fully dressed adults and other students in the gym.
She was later treated to a striptease by hunky seniors, including some rather risque 'boy on boy' action.
The young men flaunt!
What if the girls team put on an explicit 'girl on girl' skit?
Our step mom's friend said in a questioning tone, "It sounds like you don't allow them any privacy at all." Our step mom replied, "No we don't, none at all." "Why?", our step mom's friend asked. Our step mom replied, "Well, for one thing they're boys and boys don't need privacy. For another thing, there's only one bathroom

"We're also afraid if they are given privacy they'll start masturbating and our minister told us masturbating is a terrible sin and we shouldn't ever allow our sons to do it."

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