Saturday, 13 December 2014


THE NEW COACH PART 1 When the racket quelled and the junior squad exited the locker-room, their Coach made a cursory check. There was always something left behind and today was no exception. He examined the tiny team speedo suit he'd retrieved from under the bench, a devilish grin on his handsome face. Coach had been putting Jay in progressively smaller speedos for months now. “Surely not” he thought, this would be a step too far! Could he possibly get away with putting the beautiful 18 year old swimmer in a speedo designed for a 13-14 year old boy? The new team suit had raised quite a few eyebrows, and caused much blatent stareing. Peter, the coach, had chosen the speedo. The design of the speedo was somewhat risque in 1983. The new bikini style speedo was only in vogue with some professional swimmers. It rested much lower on the hips and contained much less fabric than the normal early 1980s suit. There was a collective gasp from the bleachers when the lean, muscled teens exited the lockers. The first meet of the season was huge, and packed with spectators. The team had been losing for years until Coach Peter started last year. He implemented an incredibly tough new regime. Pool time was greatly increased. Early morning sessions in a local cold water pool were universily detested. WEIGHT ROOM TIME WAS DOUBLED! Swimmers left the team, to be replaced by others when the team began to win and win and win. Peter demanded 100% commitment from his swimmers. PETER ALWAYS GOT WHAT HE WANTED! ******************************************************************************************************************** All the extra training yielded amazing results. The already slim, muscled teen swimmers now had breathtaking physiques. Their body fat reduced and lean, long sinuey muscle increased. The record crowd of spectators, and the other swimmers were shocked by the new costumes Peters' boys were wearing. The other teams, in their traditional 'old ladies knickers' style suits, pulled on shorts, while poolside and between races. Peters' boys, in their skimpy little suits, had no shorts this season. Peter pulled the shorts due to 'budgetary constraints'. A reduced budget had seen him already scrap the team tracksuits and Gym Kit. The boys now had too complete weight-room sessions and run in the busy Park in nothing but speedos and sneakers. NO MATTER WHAT THE WEATHER OR THE TEMPERTURE!*************************************************************** CONTINUED IN PART TWO

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Caught Smoking

"Being caught smoking was a serious offense for any young teen (18+) but For an athlete the offence and punishment took on new meaning. The smoking jockboy has insulted and disrespected his coach. Hours of the coachs' time making him sweat and pushing his teen muscles to the limit, stand for nothing. His fans who turn up to see him strut around in tiny speedo or singlet, mean nothing.''